Music: Jadakiss “Kill” ft. Lil Wayne

Jada links up with Weezy F. Baby for the latest leak off of the upcoming album Top 5 Dead Or Alive. DJs can download this now at

Music: R. Kelly “Switch Up” ft. Lil Wayne & Jeremih

On the classic show Seinfeld, Jerry and George famously describe the difficulties of a pulling off a successful switch. In 2015, the “R in R&B” and king of the R&B-to-rap switch up flow does just that on new music with Jeremih and Weezy. DJs can download this now at

Music: Lil Wayne “Duffle Bagz” ft. Pac Millie & Drumlord

While Weezy continues to go through his legal woes, it still doesn’t stop him from getting his music out. Today we get new music from Tunechi, Pac Millie and Drumlord. No need for a fannie pack on this. Duffle bags only. DJs can download this now at

Music: Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth “Nothing But Trouble”

Lil Wayne and Charlie Puth probably won’t be the first to tell you how much trouble you can get into on the gram. But, they might have the best music description of just how treacherous some of these IG models can be. Be careful before you press that follow button. DJs can download this now at

Music: French Montana “Lose It” ft. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Kanye West

French Montana has been teasing his upcoming release for sometime now and today we get our official listen of what will surely be a power rotation record on your dial. DJs can download this now at

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