Music: Kanye West “Wolves” ft. Sia & Vic Mensa

Not that I personally thought that the record needed any help, Kanye decided to rework one of the standouts from TLOP. Taking Frank off the track and putting the original collaborators on “Wolves.” DJs can download this now at

Video: Kanye West: In Camera Interview

The Louie Vutton Don has never been one to hold his tongue and sitting with SHOW studio’s ‘In Camera’ interview series we were sure to get more of what we’re used to. In the “unique” interview the multi-Grammy award winner answers questions from fans, friends, and family on the typical Kanye questions. Everything from fashion to politics gets covered in the 2 hour interview. Grab your popcorn. Here’s Kanye.

Video: Kanye West In Camera Interview at SHOWstudios

This morning Yeezy sat down with Lou Stoppard in SHOWstudios to discuss everything from people not buying his Adidas shoe b/c of racism to comparing Yeezus to MBDTF. Ye goes for nearly two hours on this one so you already know there will be several quotes to take from this.

Music: Travis Scott “Piss On Your Grave” ft. Kanye West

Travis Scott’s Rodeo looks to have sprung a leak and the internets are the benefactor. Linking up with future president Kanye West the Houston native is not afraid to get a little disrespectful. DJs can download this now at

Music: French Montana “Lose It” ft. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Kanye West

French Montana has been teasing his upcoming release for sometime now and today we get our official listen of what will surely be a power rotation record on your dial. DJs can download this now at

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