Music: Zoey Dollaz “YAYAYA” ft. Future & Koly P

Zoey Dollaz link up with Future and Koly P for the new single YAYAYA. DJs can download the DJ pack now at

Music: Timbaland “UFO” ft. Tink & Future

Timbaland really looks to be getting the hand of this multi-taksing thing. While handling the music on the hit television show Empire, Timbo still manages to put out his own music; just in case anyone forgot he still puts it down. DJs can download this now at

Music: Drake & Future “Dancing Diamonds”

By now, the surprise album, What A Time To Be Alive is no longer a surprise; and while the net begins to critique every verse, nook and cranny, here’s a stab at the early favorite for conspiracy theorists out there. Regardless if Drake is indirectly referencing his label mate on his verse in question, this will more than likely keep us interested in the soap opera that will not go away. DJs can download this now at

Music: The Game “Dedicated” ft. Future & Sonyae

Never shy about putting his relationship out there, The Game links up with another recent “vocal” ex, to shed a few thug tears on what real dedication means between a man and woman. Also, it’s safe to say we won’t see The Game at any Seahawks games this year. Look out for The Game’s The Documentary 2 October 9th. DJs can download this now at

Music: Dej Loaf “Hey There” ft. Future

Dej Loaf and Future make for a great combination on a standout track from the Detroit femcee’s EP, #AndSeeThatsTheThing EP. The shortie with the squirrel voice continues to show and prove with records like this. No one trick pony hear. DJs can download this now at

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