Music: Rihanna “Work” ft. Drake

Here we go! Two of the biggest superstars get together for what should be an immediate banger at radio. With the Grammy’s and All-Star around the corner, we shouldn’t be surprised to see this live performance sometime soon. DJs can download this now at

Music: Drake & Future “Dancing Diamonds”

By now, the surprise album, What A Time To Be Alive is no longer a surprise; and while the net begins to critique every verse, nook and cranny, here’s a stab at the early favorite for conspiracy theorists out there. Regardless if Drake is indirectly referencing his label mate on his verse in question, this will more than likely keep us interested in the soap opera that will not go away. DJs can download this now at

Video: Drake & Nas Sprite Obey Your Thirst (Official Teaser)

Since 1986, when Kurtis Blow was featured in a national commercial, Sprite has always been in the corner of hip-hop.  In 2015 much remains the same. Linking up with Drake, Nas, Vince Staples, and Isaiah Rashad, the Obey Your Thirst® campaign continues to tell stories, this time through hip-hop lyrics. Over the next few weeks, with partnership from FADER, Sprite will roll out profiles of the artists mentioned before on their dedication to follow their own paths. Today we get the trailer to the “Obey Your Verse” series. Check back  and be sure to come back in as the profiles release.


Music: Travis Scott “Friends With Money” ft. Drake

For our TGIF surprise today we get unreleased music courtesy of Travis Scott. The Houston rapper had the fortunate opportunity of getting one of the biggest acts in music for a track and lets it go as a throw away, to the mean streets known as the internet. His loss our gain. Now that’s what friends with money is all about. DJs can download this now at

Songs to miss your ex to (that aren’t by Drake) Words by: Dolnenzo

We all know Drake is the king of making songs to miss your old lady too, so I decided to compile a short list of songs that you can miss your ex to that Drake has nothing whatsoever to do with.

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