Video: Doe Boy “Rob Today”

Freebandz member Doe Boy drops a brand new visual based off of the cult classic movie Friday. In the video Doe Boy reflects on his past mistakes and how he got to this point. Check it out!

Music: Doe Boy “R.N.H. (Rap N****s H**s)

doe 450


Doe Boy comes right back with a brand new song R.N.H. or (Rap N****s H**s). The cover art for the song includes statues of various famous “Rap H**s” including the likes of Amber Rose, Cardi B, and Kylie Jenner. This isn’t the first time that Yung Coke and Doe Boy have linked up. You can check out the video for their other song “Doe Boy Home” here. Djs can download the track now on

Music Video: Doe Boy “Doe Boy Home”

Out of Cleveland, Doe Boy comes out of jail with a new video for his song Doe Boy Home. Doe Boy is a member of the Future run label Freebandz. Djs can download this track now at