Video: KASH “Hunnit”

While most of the country is dealing with the cold weather of January, it’s good to see somebody enjoying the warm vibes of Miami. Nothing better than scantly clad females and bottles by the pool to help you forget about any incoming nor’easters. DJs can download this now at

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.21.54 PM

Music: Goodbye Tomorrow “Flexin Wavin”

Goodbye Tomorrow release some new music No word on where this will end up at, but in the meantime get familiar. DJs can download this now at

Video: Nick Grant Performs Medley Of ‘Love’ And ‘Get Up’ ft. WatchTheDuck

Hip-hop’s rising star Nick Grant took his act to the Stephen Colbert’s late night gig earlier this week for a medley of joints from his current project ‘Return Of The Cool.’

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 11.01.59 AM

Music: Fatal Lucciauno “New Shit” ft. Sam Lachow & Malitia Malimob

Fatal Lucciano follows up the success from his WTF Happened video earlier this year with more work. Today we get the new music from one of the Northwest’s most talented artist.



Music: Tyrone Briggs “#POWER” ft. A.R. Yum

After a brief hiatus Shaolin’s favorite son Tyronne Briggs returns to the spotlight. After winning the Sprite’s “Thirst Of The Boroughs”contest, it would be easy for the Staten Island emcee to put his feet up but Briggs has other plans, teaming up with A.R. Yum for some powerful music.

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