Video: Irv Gotti Breakfast Club Interview

Ten Takeaways from Irv Gotti’s Breakfast Club Interview:
1- 0:46: Gotti says that he relaunching Murder Inc before introducing his crew.

2- 6:14: Gotti says that he “doesn’t like any division within us, why divide? If you like Jay-Z or a older dude likes Jay-Z why can’t you like Migos?”

3- 14:30: Talking about Ja Rule and Frye Festival, “He tried and you know he’s gonna try again, the thing with me and Rule we like battle tested, we’re world tested, you could knock us down 7 times we gonna get up 8. We gonna keep coming and coming until we dead.”

4- 28:40 Talking about DMX and his relationship with other rappers, “X is just a unique interesting individual, X is X, to know X is to love X. X really is not cool with anyone who rhymes. He don’t like anyone who has a mic he views that microphone as yo thats my mic, i’m the best. I’ll put a hole through you to show you that i’m the best.”

5- 36:57: Talking about growing up, “Literally every one of my friends sold drugs. The good ones, the bad ones, its just what everyone did.”

6-38:11: Talking about his new series ‘Tales’ and the first episode which explored the power structure of race, “I am a lover of people, I love everybody. I want people to know that I am colorless in my things. Look I’m wearing a shirt today that says Black, White, Human.

7- 40:26: Continuing speaking about his series Tales, “The whole concept of Tales is taking songs and being creative in making a story that hangs with the song. Everyone knows Fuck The Police is a story about police brutality and corruption. What we’ve experienced here in America for the past 5 or 6 years is mind blowing. White officers is killing Black kids. What I wanted to do is spark something and get the conversation going.

8- 57:18 Talking about when feds raided him and his associates, “ I get a call at 6am and its my brother and he says the feds are surrounding the house. I get a call from my lawyer who says the feds are here. I get a call from my accountant who is a white lady and she’s crying saying the feds are at her place too. My world turns upside down.”

9- 57:35: Talking about the fed situation in conjunction with what 50 Cent was doing: “If the feds wasn’t bad enough I had to deal with ‘starts singing the beat to In Da Club’ the hottest rapper in the world is saying fuck me going on a world tour that says fuck Irv Gotti”

10- 1:01:57: Talking about relationships, and his ex Ashley, “No new girlfriend now she’s gone, I was so happy, but heres the thing with Ashley, I love Ashley but when I started working it’s like if i’m up here watchu looking at Angie for, she’s like that.”