1200squad Greaest Flow On Earth: J.Cole “Fire Squad”

With the start of a new year we pick up featuring one of the hottest artist of 2014. Lightskin Jermaine surprised many when he announced his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album with little fan fare, and little radio push. What didn’t surprise anyone was the potent lyrics that Cole would bring to the table on his third studio album. The Carolina artist has always been able to display surperior talent on the mic and on “Fire Squad” this talent was on display. Earlier critics of the song were clear to point out the jabs at music’s biggest names including Iggy Azalea, Eminem, and Justin Timberlake, but fans of lyrics understand openly expressing yourself is a part of hip-hop, and no one is ever safe.

This week for ‘1200squad Greatest Flow On Earth” we take a look at verse 2 of the infamous Fire Squad single. Before everyone was able to not let go of the jabs at pop stars, J.Cole really got personal and foreshadowed what he really thinks about his peers in the game, and more importantly his place in it.