Cornerstone Mixtape #200 – DJ Jay Ski ‘Live From The Planet Of Jersadelph’

Welcome back world to the leading industry mixtape that delivers the hottest records mixed by the country’s hottest DJs. This month’s edition is truly special to us here in the 1200squad offices as it marks 200 mixtape delivered to the industry. For over 2 decades we’ve been proud to be a pioneer in hip-hop; introducing and  showcasing the top DJs in the game before many of them reached their full potential. From DJ Khaled, to Green Lantern, to DJ Drama and the Aphilliates, the 1200squad remains a trusted voice in hip-hop, radio, and DJ culture. This month, we double down on our legacy and prepare for another 200. Holding down Mixtape 200 is the pride of “Jersadelph” aka DJ Jay-Ski. This is ‘Live From The Planet Of Jersadelph.’ Read more…

Video: Prano “Weight Up”

From Prano’s upcoming PRANOBAMA 3 we get some motavational music from the Beantown native. You can’t slack on this. Gotta get your weight up.


Audio: Shizzie June ‘Look At Me Now Vol. 3’

Out of Boston comes Shizzie June with a new project with DJ Papadon with production from Bizness Boi & Kharisma.

Video: UFO Fev “Beneficial”

UFO Fev delivers his latest video, inspired by what is truly important – family. The first single from the upcoming ‘Blue Room Sessions’ sees the Harlem rapper explaining the benefits of being a father. Look out for ‘Blue Room Sessions’ online.


Music: Dex Lauper “Blinds”

Living in the past is never beneficial and today Dex Lauper delivers a song about closing the blinds on the past. DJs can download this now at 1200squad.com.



#7Reasons You Need To Know: Tawaine Hall

By Suzanne Biello

Tawaine Hall grew up 40 minutes west of Dallas, Texas in the historically western city of Fort Worth, Texas, known for its cattle more than its culture or knowledge of hip hop. However, a little less than a hour and a trip down Interstate 35 equals a world of difference in the underground hip hop scene of Dallas – Fort Worth…and Tawaine Hall. Here are 7 reasons you need to know him. Read more…

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